A section of our costumes and accessories from the 20`s to the 90`s

Please discover our nice Charleston costumes for your cabaret evening of the 20`s or burlesque. Suitable accessories like cigarette holders, charleston headband with feathers, feather boas, pearl necklaces, mini cabaret hats, fans, sequins waistcoats, sequins ties, satin gloves, fish-net stockings, cabaret wigs in different colors, bowler hats…..The fancy dresses of the 50`s and 60`s, petticoat dresses, Rock’n Roll skirts, gangster costumes, Elvis Presley jumpsuit, Marilyn Monroe costume….. The fancy dresses of the 70`s, Woodstock, hippies, authentic retro boots in different colors…..The costumes of the 80-90`s, disguise like a rock star, disco fancy dresses or find your bad taste party outfit as well as party glasses and wigs and other accessories of the 20`s to the 90`s.
We only show a very small selection of our stock.